La Piazzetta B&B


I’m going where the chilly winds don’t blow

I’m going where the climate suits my clothes ...

perhaps Bob Dylan would not venture along this trail when the cold wind from the Aosta Valley blows, a wind that not even the Serra windstopper can control; a wind that in Magnano blows so strong to have been given a specific name, the cüss. But on clear, sunny days the trail is a splendid opportunity to catch the various aspects of the Serra Morainic Hill, from the point of view of both geology and natural environment. Along the path you can enjoy breathtaking views both on Ivrea’s Morainic Snout and on the Biellese mountains. All over the year (but Spring and Fall are the best seasons) you can leisurely walk along the trail, or (comfortably, given the moderate gradient of the road) mountain-bike pedal (be careful crossing the Biella-Ivrea road).                                        The route is equipped with several guide-boards that recount the history and traditions of the region and its civilization; it is like opening a book while walking, page after page, a new page after  a few hundred yards from the previous one.

Hot Ice, Ice Cold