La Piazzetta B&B



Via Roma, 14

13887 Magnano


Tel. +39 015 679277

Mob. +39 3493871863



La Piazzetta is a Bed and Breakfast, located in an 18th-century house, completely refurbished, in a place named, precisely, “piazzetta”, in old town center of Magnano, a medieval village surrounded by the greenness of Serra d’Ivrea, the largest morainic hill in Europe.

The B&B has 3 parqueted bedrooms equipped with Sat TV, each one having its own private bathroom with shower.

Broadband Internet connection through a wireless network is available.

Car parking is possible in private garages or under the roof in the private court. In the court, guests can relax in a nicely furnished area.

La Piazzetta bed-and-breakfast faces on one side the Biellese Alps and on the other the Serra ridge, with splendid views of the village roofs and of the nearby mountains.

Particularly interesting in Magnano is the “Ricetto”, founded in 1204 as a free hamlet: the architecture reflects the defensive and  popular nature of the compound. It stands at the top of Magnano, on the ridge of a hill, and is typified by two-storey buildings and long, narrow roads.

At a walking distance, about 1 km, you can find the San Secondo plain, important from the spiritual, cultural and architectural standpoint for the presence of the Comunità Ecumenica di Bose and of the Romanesque church of San Secondo.

At the eastern border of the municipal territory you can find the Bessa, an ancient site on an alluvial plateau in the Biella region, close to the Serra morainic hill. This stunning place, before the conquest by the Romans (who started its exploitation) was the land of Ictimuli “Vittimuli and Bessi”, pre paleo-Celtic people. In the II century B.C. this area, under Rome domination, became one of the largest open-pit mines to extract gold from  auriferous sands, mentioned by Pliny the Elder (23-79 A.D.).

Since 1986, the Festival di Musica Antica a Magnano, is held every year in Magnano, offering an opportunity to hear historically informed performances of early music on original instruments. The Festival concerts are held in August and early September in either a 12th-century church or in the town's 18th-century church. The latter also houses an organ built in 1794 by Giovanni Bruna and restored by Italo Marzi.

Located in Magnano, we have to mention the golf club "Le Betulle", one of the most prestigious 18-hole golf courts in Italy, designed by the English architect John Morrison.

Nearby you can also find horse-riding centers, tennis courts, bike rental, and it is possible to do trekking in our splendid mountains, along many marked tracks. In Fact, Magnano is at the heart of “semplicemente Serra”,the new trail network that links the Serra villages of Sala, Torrazzo, Magnano and Zimone and is interconnected with the trails of Ivrea’s Morainic Snout. In Magnano it is then possible,  besides wandering the nearby “Tumblin’ into the Middle Ages” and “Hot Ice, Ice Cold” trails, to reach the other  Serra villages  going along thematic paths,  rich with culture and stunning landscapes.

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